Waste Free Kitchen Essentials

What would you say is the place in your home where you’ve got the most plastic at? For me it would definitely be the kitchen!

Up until I started my waste free kitchen project my food cupboards weren’t the only space in my kitchen covered with plastic also 90% of my utensils and storage boxes where made or covered out with plastic.

And yeah this are always the cheapest options available but some times cheaper isn’t always better. Specially when you are trying to give a little love back to our moma Earth. And we all should do a little bit of this don’t you think?

So when I first move to my own home I went on the usual Ikea trip and bought a bunch of plastic kitchen stuff which I have been replacing through the years to achieve a waste free kitchen! Ohhh how I wished Maria Andree from 5 years ago would’ve done this cause it would’ve saved me tons of money! (Lol) So I made this little guide of the waste free kitchen supplies I simply love! Like one of my favourite: my coconut bowls.

So heres a little list of my waste free and eco friendly kitchen essentials supplies to make your way to a greener kitchen!

(Disclaimer : None of these brands are sponsored I simply love them! )

Coconut bowls

Now this are on the top of my list! Not only I use them all the time for my food styling and photography but they are super cute and coconut bowls has now a wide range of design options, utensils and more! I get mine from coconut bowls.

Bamboo Straws

I also get these from coconut bowls and I love that they are made out of bamboo + they are super wide so they are super easy to clean. A pro tip: don’t leave them sitting in a glass of water if you won’t use it in a long tome to prevent them from cracking.

Plastic Free Straw Cleaner

To keep our bamboo straw business plastic free and clean!

Mason or recycled Jars

I have this big wall in my kitchen filled with mason and recycled jars that I use to store rice, beans, cacao, sugar etc etc. Having this jars also encourages me to take them when I go out shopping to fill them out in bulk shops plastic free shopping. I label them with some chalk stickers and white board markers and they look like a design statement in the kitchen! Win win kind of situation.

Cotton Shopping bags

I sound like a broken record but I just love coconut bowls products not only because they are super cool but they also off set their carbon foot print and create all their products with a sustainable agenda. So its not surprise Im in love with this coconut bowls cotton shopping bag! It is definitely worth the extra buck. But you can also get them in Amazon and most probably on your local shops.

Beeswax paper

Lets ditch plastic wraps and use this natural wrappers that will keep your food with out all that plastic.

Redecker Beechwood Dish Brush

This brush is made out of untreated wood and fibres. Most of them have replaced heads and will decompose naturally once when you are done with them!

Washable Organic Cotton Sponge

This sponges are biodegradable and compostable and you can pop them in the washer with your laundry and they are good as new.

Reusable Produce bags

Instead of filling up those supermarket plastic bags take your reusable bags and fill them up with your goodies. I also keep veggies on the fridge on these and they keep extra fresh.

Glass Food Containers

Now this are a bit on an investment. But their life cycle is way longer than our cheap plastic container that have to be replaced so often. Glassware doesn’t keep bad smells or funny food colouring keeping our food fresh!

Reusable Cotton Cleaning Cloths

Keep your kitchen surfaces clean with cotton wipes. And to clean them? Pop them with your cotton sponge in the washing machine! Lets help one kitchen paper towel at a time!

Glass Coffee and Tea Mugs

I love this brand I found on amazon and even if its not completely plastic free, taking them with me helps me to reduce all those paper cups we through away after our morning coffee, so they absolutely made it to my list!

Wooden Utensils

This might be the most work of all because keeping them in good conditions includes hand washing and applying wood butter once a month to keep them in top condition. But our planet will thank you for this hit of extra work!

Stasher Silicon Bags

Ok yes this technically are not completely plastic free but these bags will eliminate single use plastic bags and they work even better! You can wash them and reuse them for years and years if you treat them well enough. (I got mine a little over 4 years ago and they are still in perfect condition). And you know what? You can even microwave them! So of you are in a rush you can totally defrost your goodies in the microwave.

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